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Hey Mama (- insert affectionate title you prefer) and Family,  welcome to the Daun of a New Day! Daun of a New Day Postpartum and Wellness Services provides nurturing postpartum support and self-care wellness products to families in the Baltimore, MD area. 

Our philosophy is that every Mama needs to be held just as much as the newborn baby. It is our mission to improve Black Maternal Mental Health by making sure Mamas feel supported, validated and confident as they journey into Mamahood. 

Thriving in Life After Birth

Mama, your body carries a baby for about 9 months and then goes through the process of labor, which is a transformative experience, no matter the method of delivery. During the postpartum period the body may mourn the absence of the baby from the inside of the body, as a “loss”. In addition to this, you may be mourning the loss of your “pre-baby life” or your birthing experience and transition into parenthood not meeting your perceived expectations. While being in active trauma the brain is in survival mode, so as a new mama, you may not be operating from the creative side of your brain. So when someone asks, “What do you need me to do?” or says “Let me know if you need anything”, you may not be able to readily think about how they can actually help you. It takes some level of creativity to process and come up with descriptive ways of how people can help. While recovering from birthing a baby, managing daily tasks of your new role in parenthood, and navigating relationship dynamics, it may be challenging to fully articulate your needs. This is why it is so important to have a postpartum plan! 

Every mama and family deserves support during this challenging time to adjust to new roles, routines and identities. Together we can explore your strengths and resources and co-create a plan to serve as a roadmap to physical and emotional wellness in postpartum. 

Let’s plan for postpartum, the same way we plan for the birth and the baby. This is the key to thriving in your life after birth.

The AfterGlow

Postpartum Self-Care Collection

Our collection of handcrafted, plant-based products, created specifically for mamas, promotes physical and emotional wellness through self-care.

The AfterGlow Postpartum Self-Care Recovery Kit is the perfect gift that contains everything a new mama needs but rarely receives.

Best Selling Products

“Mothers need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves, we give away”
– Barbara DeAngelis

About Us

Daun of a New Day LLC, located in Baltimore, MD, provides in-home and virtual postpartum doula services, as well as wellness products to promote self-care and healing throughout the postpartum period. 

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