“You’re Glowing!” Every pregnant woman has heard this phrase at some point during their pregnancy. But once the baby arrives, it seems like the once glowing (pregnant) woman becomes invisible and the glow diminishes. 

Becoming a mother for the first (second, third, etc..) time is a transformative experience, both of the body and the mind. Such an experience that is rarely, honestly and openly discussed within our culture. Specifically, during postpartum, Mamas may often feel unnoticed, unimportant and undervalued. With the many challenges of navigating motherhood, it is important for the Mama to feel nurtured and cared for. 

Our products were created out of personal need but with every Mama in mind. These products are formulated with natural herbs that promote healing and restoration for new Mamas after giving birth. 

Mama, you are STILL glowing! Let us help you embrace The AfterGlow and begin glowing in new ways! 

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